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MCM Realty Partners Facilitates Strategic Real Estate Lease for Two Men and A Truck in Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, Georgia – MCM Realty Partners, a leading real estate advisory firm, is delighted to announce its successful collaboration with Two Men and A Truck, a prominent franchise in the moving and logistics industry. MCM Realty Partners played a pivotal role in securing a sought-after industrial space within the Chattahoochee industrial market of Atlanta, GA, further enhancing Two Men and A Truck's operational capabilities.

The newly leased industrial space stands out for its prime location and accessibility within the Chattahoochee industrial market, positioning Two Men and A Truck for continued success in meeting the growing demands of their clientele. MCM Realty Partners' expertise in identifying and securing hard-to-find industrial property played a crucial role in this transaction, showcasing the firm's commitment to delivering tailored real estate solutions for its clients.

"We are thrilled to have assisted Two Men and A Truck in securing this exceptional industrial space in the heart of Atlanta's in town industrial market," said Mason Lee Cardwell, Managing Partner at MCM Realty Partners. "MCM’s dedication to understanding the unique needs of our clients, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the real estate landscape, enables us to consistently deliver value and facilitate strategic real estate transactions."

Two Men and A Truck, recognized for their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, can now leverage this strategically located industrial space to enhance their operational efficiency and better serve the Atlanta community.

For further inquiries or to learn more about MCM Realty Partners, please contact:

Mason Lee Cardwell

MCM Realty Partners


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