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MCM Realty Partners Facilitates Expansion for Atlanta Designer Rugs in Norcross, GA

Norcross, GA

MCM Realty Partners is pleased to announce a successful expansion for Atlanta Designer Rugs, a pioneering name in the luxury floor coverings industry. The expansion entails the leasing of an impressive 18,000 square foot space in Norcross, GA, strategically situated along the renowned Furniture Row.

Atlanta Designer Rugs logo
Atlanta Designer Rugs

About Atlanta Designer Rugs: Atlanta Designer Rugs has earned its reputation as a trailblazer in the realm of luxury floor coverings by seamlessly blending tradition and innovation. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, the brand directly imports masterpieces crafted by skilled artisans from India, Pakistan, and Nepal. These artisans infuse each rug with their heritage, employing age-old techniques that result in rugs of unparalleled quality and intricate beauty.

MCM Realty Partners
Atlanta Designer Rugs

Beyond their artisanal offerings, Atlanta Designer Rugs takes pride in curating a selection of distinguished brand names, showcasing their dedication to providing a diverse range of choices for their discerning clientele. Driven by an ambitious vision, the company is resolutely focused on becoming the nation's foremost retailer of rugs, setting novel standards for both aesthetics and service.

MCM Realty Partners
Atlanta Designer Rugs

However, the artistry of Atlanta Designer Rugs extends beyond rugs alone. Their eclectic collection encompasses unique furniture pieces that harmonize seamlessly with their design philosophy, fashioning cohesive spaces that captivate the senses and leave indelible impressions.

The Expansion: MCM Realty Partners played an instrumental role in the expansion of Atlanta Designer Rugs by facilitating the lease of an expanded 18,000 square foot space in Norcross, GA. This strategically located space along Furniture Row is poised to provide Atlanta Designer Rugs with an even greater platform to display their exquisite offerings and elevate their status as a leader in the luxury floor coverings domain.

The expanded space of 18,000 square feet, a significant increase from their previous 7,500 square feet, reflects Atlanta Designer Rugs' commitment to growth and excellence. This move underscores their unwavering dedication to offering an extensive selection of luxury floor coverings and design elements to their clientele.

A Promising Future: As Atlanta Designer Rugs steps into this new phase of expansion, MCM Realty Partners is proud to be part of their journey. The synergy between these two esteemed entities promises a bright and innovative future, marked by exceptional design experiences and a continued commitment to setting new benchmarks in the luxury floor coverings industry.

MCM Realty Partners remains committed to empowering visionary brands like Atlanta Designer Rugs and contributing to their success through strategic real estate solutions.

Note: All details mentioned in this announcement are accurate as of the date of publication and are subject to change.


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